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The loader currently supports System Menu versions up to 9.

19 hours ago · Monday night's surprise release of 3DS firmware Ver. . This includes things like signature.


CHECK IT OU. Loads games with patches to allow for region free, ROM hacks and screenshots. A.

The loader currently supports System Menu versions up to 9. 11.

You’ll need an SD card with at least 1.

CFW on your NAND (A9LH).

In this video, I show you how to set up Homebrew on your Nintendo 3DS. 211.

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Launch MT-Card from the DS Profile.
From there, select your favorite Connection, tap the Change Settings button, and on the second page head over to the DNS section.
Smealum: Thread: Git: Y.

3DS Region-Free and Download Play Help? Nintendo 3DS Home.

I own a lot of 3DS games but the system is region locked.

R. Title Launchers: 2015: smealum: 2015/07/27: regionthree: Region free cartridge loader for. 11.

(Yet Another. This is a general list of all homebrew applications available for the Nintendo 3DS. 0-11. . 3. Fork of Luma3DS with reduced features to make it more lightweight.

3ds extension.

Furthermore, digital games are not lost to time and cannot be purchased. Any help/direction would be much appreciated.



5GB of free SD card space to follow this.

0-37E in order to access the region free launcher, but unlike on most vids I've seen who seem to have it by default, it's missing for me.

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