Llumar IRX costs between $63 and $79.

While the IRX and CTX films offer charcoal-based tints, this one takes a different approach.

You can compare the tinted side window to the untinted front from the inside. .

$160 for the front two windows.

IRX is also loaded with additional premium features: Easy electronic connectivity.

Hood, fenders, front bumper, full rockers, side mirrors, headlights. On the flip side, 3M Crystalline prices range between $500 and $560. Llumar IRX costs between $63 and $79.

Aug 2, 2022 · Then I discovered Llumar Formula one stratos which apparently no one in my area (Houston) installs because it's too expensive for them to buy.

Place 5: Llumar formula 1 pinnacle $400. Madico Black Pearl nano-ceramic: 75% (clear) on the windshield. .

I was wondering if anyone had any particular preference? I haven't seen anything substantial regarding the Autobahn i3 (which has a. Here were two quotes I received: Signature Glass Tinting (Costa Mesa, CA) * $245.



Looks pretty dark from the outside, but it really doesn't seem dark from the inside, even driving at night. .

. The IRX offers a traditional charcoal hue and is designed to keep your car cool and looking good for those long commutes.

both have the best standard glass warranty, which is 5 years on Thermal Breakage and 5 years on the units seal for dual pane; this compares to 5 and 3 or 2 and 2 for most of the industry.


(all based on full tint without front windshield due to potential damage to the electronics) Need help.

how did arthur kinnaird die; sabrina 1954 full movie eng sub; how to make a brass stamp; what is chris hogan doing now. Llumar affords equal top-rate delicate hues like 3M while emphasizing the aesthetics and look of the automobiles. But the factory glass has about 80% visual light transmittance.

$160 for the front two windows. . Nov 7, 2022 · Go Llumar IRX. . The 70% is blueish (like a Mercedes windshield) and 50 is gray/charcoal color. Autobahn is a good film.

It may be *slightly* better performing than something like LLumar Stratos or 3M Crystalline, but not enough to justify paying significantly more for it.

Apr 3, 2023 · The downside to ceramic tint for your car windows is its cost. .

5% of the UV rays.


The Llumar IRX is the latest and greatest Nano-Ceramic, IR blocking window film from Eastman Performance Films.

Oct 6, 2016 · The Sunscape and M.

i3 window films, and their groundbreaking “multi particle ceramic” technology provides excellent heat rejection, colour, and crystal clear optics.