Batafurai butterfly.

. The Oxford English Dictionary derives the word straightforwardly from Old English butorflēoge, butter-fly; similar names in Old Dutch and Old High German show that the name is ancient, but modern Dutch and German use different words (vlinder and Schmetterling) and the common name often varies substantially between otherwise closely-related languages.

Saying butterfly in Middle-Eastern.

バタフライ noun.

. матыль -- butterfly, moth. Esperanto papilio.

How to say ‘butterfly’ in different languages.

. But what about the word ‘butterfly’? Check out a few translations below: French - papillon. .

. Batafurai butterfly.



. Norwegian = Danish (write alike) : sommerfugl.

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class=" fc-falcon">The meaning of Butterfly is “A Butterfly”.
Never fly again.


" In Different Languages, https://www. Accessed 21 May 2023. gecəkəpənəyi -- butterfly, moth.

Jan 28, 2016 · Iconicity in Language" (2001), which examines the role of sound symbolism and phonesthesia in words for butterfly in many different languages. Caterpillar to Butterfly (National Geographic Kids) By: Laura Marsh. . . pili-pala, papillon, farfalla, mariavolavola, թիթեռ.


Butterflies are attracted to the wild flowers. Learn how to say ‘butterfly’ in different languages.



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Japanese Translation.